Global Impact of China’s Economy, Politics & Markets

Elara Ashwamedh Conference 2022

Special Event

Enodo Economics Chief Economist Diana Choyleva took part in the Elara Ashwamedh Conference 2022 on 5th of September in Mumbai.


As India marches forward, it has reached a decisive stage in its journey toward prosperity amidst a post-pandemic world be sieged by the Russia-Ukraine War and the ever present China bogey. It is a journey froth with supply chain issues, high inflation, tightening of financial conditions and commodity price hikes. Even in the face of these challenges, tectonic shifts are reshaping India’s economy. Formalization of labour & payments, mushrooming of IT services in Tier-II towns, digitalization, creation of manufacturing capabilities in new-age sectors, inclusive growth, equitable access to services and declining poverty are gradually changing the nation’s socioeconomic fabric and adding resilience.
Focus on reforms and structural initiatives, such as production linked incentive schemes and import substitution
mechanisms, defence and new energy capability via the Make in India and carbon neutral initiatives, Web 3.0 and digital ecosystem, export promotion and diplomatic influence through FTA and symbiotic reciprocity that bolster economic nationalism will shape the nature and extent of India’s outreach within the Indo-Pacific region and beyond.

Diana Choyleva presented her views on the global impact of China’s economy, politics and markets.

You can watch her speech HERE.

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