The End of Experimentation and Aspiration in Xi Jinping’s China

Enodo Economics Announcement Enodo Economics Chief Economist, Diana Choyleva, wrote a paper for the Asia Society Policy Institute’s Center for China Analysis, exploring how the leadership of Chinese President Xi Jinping has changed the fundamental incentives driving the behaviour of key groups in China and beyond. You can read the paper HERE. In it, Diana discusses the shift from an open, pragmatic, and experimental approach to development to a more centralised, ideology-driven model. The paper also explores the impact of Xi’s anti-corruption campaign, top-down directives, and the diminishing role of local experimentation in shaping China’s policies. It highlights the changing dynamics within the private sector and its relationship with the Party, as well as the challenges faced by China’s youth. Understanding these shifts is crucial for comprehending the future trajectory of China’s economy and its implications for global dynamics.

Xi Jinping: The Hidden Agendas of China’s Ruler for Life

Hidden Agendas examines the policy, ideology and politics of this “ruler for life” Book Get a copy of the book HERE. Lam sets out the ambitious and multi-faceted agendas that Xi has laid out taking China up to the early 2040s. Through comparisons with former Party leaders, the book assesses whether, having abandoned many of the key precepts of the Era of Reform and the Open Door, the supreme leader’s restitution of Maoist standards might enable China to sustain economic growth and project hard and soft power worldwide. The book also examines whether the Party will succeed in retaining the support of 1.4 bn Chinese in the face of unprecedented challenges in the economic and geopolitical arenas. It provides a comprehensive picture of Xi’s rise to power; his AI-assisted and “legalistic” surveillance and control mechanisms; China’s evolving economic system; Xi’s foreign and national-security policies and the implications of the 20th Party…

Asia Society Appointment

Enodo Economics Announcement We are delighted to announce that our Chief Economist, Diana Choyleva, is joining the Asia Society Policy Institute’s Center for China Analysis, as a non-resident Senior Fellow on the Chinese economy. The appointment was made public on June 6 at the same time as that of the brilliant Dr Lynette Ong, a professor of political science, who will serve as a non-resident Senior Fellow on Chinese society. It’s a great honour, opportunity and responsibility to work with the Asia Society, which has been advising governments, businesses and communities since 1956. Under Co-Founders Hon. Dr. Kevin Rudd and Jing Qian and executive director Bates Gill, the Center for China Analysis has become a leading global center for policy-relevant, objective analysis of China’s politics, economy and society, and its impact on the region and the world, in an era of growing strategic competition. And there’s no competition to rival the…

The Great Decoupling – the East versus the West as the world bifurcates into two distinct spheres of influence

Deloitte Non-Executive Directors (NED) Networking Dinner Special Event Enodo Economics Chief Economist, Diana Choyleva, took part in the Deloitte Non-Executive Directors (NED) networking dinner on 25th of May in Dublin. Description The Deloitte bi-annual Non-Executive Directors (NED) networking dinner was hosted by Colm McDonnel, partner at the Risk Advisory practice at Deloitte. Diana gave a presentation on the Great Decoupling – the East versus the West as the world bifurcates into two distinct spheres of influence. She discussed where the growth opportunities lie and what the risks are in this world of great power competition between the existing hegemon – America and the aspiring one – China. A world where China has opened its financial markets to foreign investors, while simultaneously distancing itself from Western influence and the free market liberal ideals. A world where America is determined to contain China’s rise but is no longer assured of its success. A…

The Great Decoupling: US vs China

CEO Coaching International Webcast Special Event Enodo Economics Chief Economist, Diana Choyleva, took part in the CEO Coaching International Webcast on the evolving politics of business in the era of the Great Decoupling on 23rd of May 2023. Description Diana Choyleva joined the CEO Coaching International president, Randy Dewey, to discuss why ”The Great Decoupling” is the defining force shaping global politics and economics for the foreseeable future. They also talked about whether China will invade Taiwan and whether the US will get involved, what China’s cozier relationship with Russia means for the US and many more. You can watch the webinar HERE.

China’s New Pattern of Development: Can Xi Get Consumers to Spend?

APAC Outlook: Will China continue to drive growth? Special Event Enodo Economics Chief Economist, Diana Choyleva, took part in the Neudata ‘’APAC Outlook: Will China continue to drive growth?’’ on 23rd of February. This webinar was held in partnership with Morgan Stanley and was exclusive to Neudata and Morgan Stanley clients. Description The webinar broadly questioned what the next phase of the market will look like in the APAC region, with a focus on how China is diversifying its industries and navigating the post-COVID landscape. The sessions explored key macro trends, industry diversification, and how commodity markets are being affected. You can watch Diana Choyleva’s presentation HERE.

East vs West: The Great Decoupling That Will Shape Our Era

Deloitte GFSI Summit Special Event Enodo Economics Chief Economist Diana Choyleva took part in the Deloitte GFSI Summit 2022 on 17th of November in Lisbon. Description For over 20 years, hundreds of global financial leaders have gathered at the Deloitte GFSI Summit to examine and discuss critical issues impacting the financial services industry. The program for this year focused on building a better financial system. The summit explored topics including digital transformation, customer/client inclusion, ESG, regulation, and illicit finance. The program featured panel discussions, interviews and breakout sessions. The forum brings together the highest level of leadership from global financial services firms, in a private environment without the media. It also provides a place in which financial services leaders can speak to, hear from, and meet directly with their counterparts. Diana Choyleva’s Presentation Diana gave a presentation on the Great Decoupling – the East versus the West as the world bifurcates…

What Xi Jinping Wants and What This Means for World Markets

C.E.O. Global Leaders Forum Special Event Enodo Economics Chief Economist Diana Choyleva took part in the C.E.O. Global Leaders Forum 2022 on 17th of October in Washington. Description Xi Jinping has consolidated his position as the strongest leader communist China has had and is about to extend his rule indefinitely at the upcoming Party congress in mid-October. His vision for the future has taken China into uncharted waters and on a path of confrontation with America. How this great power completion, which Enodo Economics termed the Great Decoupling, unfolds will have profound implications for the global economy and markets for decades to come.

Capital Boosts Scientific and Technological Innovation

International Science, Technology and Innovation Forum (ISTIF) of BOAO Forum for Asia Special Event Enodo Economics Chief Economist, Diana Choyleva, took part in the Second Conference of ISTIF on 28th of September. As a major forum of the conference this year, the session “Capital Boosts Scientific and Technological Innovation” was successfully held online. Description The session was hosted by Yanqing Yang, Director of the Planning and Development Department of Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and Visiting Professor at Fudan University. During the session, representatives from international organizations, government departments, research institutions, enterprises and academia expressed their views on the topic of “Promoting the deep integration of finance and science and technology innovation”. This session aims to contribute a “Boao solution” to promote effective financial services for science, technology and innovation (STI), and to support society with high-quality and sustainable development. You can watch Diana Choyleva’s speech HERE. Diana Choyleva’s speech ”Greetings to…

Global Impact of China’s Economy, Politics & Markets

Elara Ashwamedh Conference 2022 Special Event Enodo Economics Chief Economist Diana Choyleva took part in the Elara Ashwamedh Conference 2022 on 5th of September in Mumbai. Description As India marches forward, it has reached a decisive stage in its journey toward prosperity amidst a post-pandemic world be sieged by the Russia-Ukraine War and the ever present China bogey. It is a journey froth with supply chain issues, high inflation, tightening of financial conditions and commodity price hikes. Even in the face of these challenges, tectonic shifts are reshaping India’s economy. Formalization of labour & payments, mushrooming of IT services in Tier-II towns, digitalization, creation of manufacturing capabilities in new-age sectors, inclusive growth, equitable access to services and declining poverty are gradually changing the nation’s socioeconomic fabric and adding resilience.Focus on reforms and structural initiatives, such as production linked incentive schemes and import substitutionmechanisms, defence and new energy capability via the…