Policy & Practice: China’s Economic Diplomacy

UCL Department of Political Science

Special Event

Enodo Economics Chief Economist, Diana Choyleva, took part in UCL’s Department of Political Science seminar ”Policy & Practice: China’s economic diplomacy”, on 22nd of February 2024.


2023 marked the ten-year anniversary of China’s ambitious Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), a global infrastructure development strategy that has strengthened China’s trade and investment linkages across large swathes of the globe. It is a centrepiece of Xi Jinping’s foreign policy strategy of “Major Country Diplomacy with Chinese Characteristics”, which calls for China to assume a greater leadership role in global affairs in accordance with its rising power and status. In the seminar, Diana Choyleva, Dr Yu Jie and Dr Giulia Sciorati, analysed China’s economic diplomacy over this period, exploring its implications for key regions—including Asia, Europe, and Africa—and for the international order.

The event was chaired by Dr Richard McMahon – a Lecturer in EU Politics in the UCL Department of Political Science and School of Public Policy.

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