The End of Experimentation and Aspiration in Xi Jinping’s China

Enodo Economics Announcement

Enodo Economics Chief Economist, Diana Choyleva, wrote a paper for the Asia Society Policy Institute’s Center for China Analysis, exploring how the leadership of Chinese President Xi Jinping has changed the fundamental incentives driving the behaviour of key groups in China and beyond.

You can read the paper HERE.

In it, Diana discusses the shift from an open, pragmatic, and experimental approach to development to a more centralised, ideology-driven model.

The paper also explores the impact of Xi’s anti-corruption campaign, top-down directives, and the diminishing role of local experimentation in shaping China’s policies.

It highlights the changing dynamics within the private sector and its relationship with the Party, as well as the challenges faced by China’s youth.

Understanding these shifts is crucial for comprehending the future trajectory of China’s economy and its implications for global dynamics.

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