C.E.O Market Movers

Special Event

Enodo Economics Chief Economist, Diana Choyleva, our Director of Geopolitics, Nigel Inkster, and Enodo’s special advisor Sir Alex Younger, took part in various educational sessions at the C.E.O. Market Movers event which was held on 1-5 October 2023, in London.


“Will the US and China Go to War Over Taiwan?”, presented by Diana Choyleva

The world would have been a far safer place right now were it not for a small island in the Pacific ocean. An island that’s over 270 times smaller than each of America and China has become the lynchpin of their far-reaching great power competition and threatens to unravel the global economic and political order as we know it. A conflict over Taiwan, accidental or intentional, is the most consequential risk facing the world and one which remains poorly understood. With the Sino-US confrontation heating up from a trade war to a tech war, Diana discussed why a Taiwan war is no longer inconceivable and the scenarios that could unfold in the next five years.   

“Cyber Challenges”, presented by Nigel Inkster

No organisation can be immune from a determined cyber intrusion by a state or state-sponsored actor.  But the recent experience of Ukraine shows that cyber defence can have unexpected benefits while preparations for dealing with cyber attacks can pay dividends in ensuring quick recovery. The lessons of Ukraine are just as relevant for the private sector as they are for national states.

“Our Geopolitical World”, presented by Sir Alex Younger

Sir Alex explained why the war in Ukraine happened and how it fits into a broader pattern of geopolitical divergence, including between the west and China. He talked about the consequences for Putin’s failure and the prospects of enduring western cohesion.

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