East vs West: The Great Decoupling That Will Shape Our Era

Deloitte GFSI Summit

Special Event

Enodo Economics Chief Economist Diana Choyleva took part in the Deloitte GFSI Summit 2022 on 17th of November in Lisbon.


For over 20 years, hundreds of global financial leaders have gathered at the Deloitte GFSI Summit to examine and discuss critical issues impacting the financial services industry.  The program for this year focused on building a better financial system. The summit explored topics including digital transformation, customer/client inclusion, ESG, regulation, and illicit finance.  The program featured panel discussions, interviews and breakout sessions. The forum brings together the highest level of leadership from global financial services firms, in a private environment without the media.  It also provides a place in which financial services leaders can speak to, hear from, and meet directly with their counterparts. 

Diana Choyleva’s Presentation


Diana gave a presentation on the Great Decoupling – the East versus the West as the world bifurcates into two distinct spheres of influence. She discussed where the growth opportunities lie and what the risks are in this world of great power competition between the existing hegemon – America and the aspiring one – China. A world where China has opened its financial markets to foreign investors, while simultaneously distancing itself from Western influence and the free market liberal ideals. A world where America is determined to contain China’s rise but is no longer assured of its success. A world where other countries and international businesses do not want to choose sides but will have to.

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