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The Great Decoupling: US vs China

CEO Coaching International Webcast Special Event Enodo Economics Chief Economist, Diana Choyleva, took part in the CEO Coaching International Webcast on the evolving politics of business in the era of the Great Decoupling on 23rd of May 2023. Description Diana Choyleva joined the CEO Coaching International president, Randy Dewey, to discuss why ”The Great Decoupling” is the defining force shaping global politics and economics for the foreseeable future. They also talked about whether China will invade Taiwan and whether the US will get involved, what China’s cozier relationship with Russia means for the US and many more. You can watch the webinar HERE.

East vs West: The Great Decoupling That Will Shape Our Era

Deloitte GFSI Summit Special Event Enodo Economics Chief Economist Diana Choyleva took part in the Deloitte GFSI Summit 2022 on 17th of November in Lisbon. Description For over 20 years, hundreds of global financial leaders have gathered at the Deloitte GFSI Summit to examine and discuss critical issues impacting the financial services industry. The program for this year focused on building a better financial system. The summit explored topics including digital transformation, customer/client inclusion, ESG, regulation, and illicit finance. The program featured panel discussions, interviews and breakout sessions. The forum brings together the highest level of leadership from global financial services firms, in a private environment without the media. It also provides a place in which financial services leaders can speak to, hear from, and meet directly with their counterparts. Diana Choyleva’s Presentation Diana gave a presentation on the Great Decoupling – the East versus the West as the world bifurcates…

What Xi Jinping Wants and What This Means for World Markets

C.E.O. Global Leaders Forum Special Event Enodo Economics Chief Economist Diana Choyleva took part in the C.E.O. Global Leaders Forum 2022 on 17th of October in Washington. Description Xi Jinping has consolidated his position as the strongest leader communist China has had and is about to extend his rule indefinitely at the upcoming Party congress in mid-October. His vision for the future has taken China into uncharted waters and on a path of confrontation with America. How this great power completion, which Enodo Economics termed the Great Decoupling, unfolds will have profound implications for the global economy and markets for decades to come.