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Is the World Really Flat? Protectionism and Populism Reveal Craters

Bloomberg New Economy Forum 2019 Special Event Enodo Economics Chief Economist Diana Choyleva took part in Bloomberg New Economy Forum Session: Is the World Really Flat? Description Until a few years ago, globalization seemed to be an unstoppable force. No country would be left behind in a borderless global economy connected by fibre optic cables. Today, this dream of common prosperity has been shattered by the rise of populism and protectionism. The world is no longer flat. From the U.S. to Italy, a tide of resentment at globalization has redrawn the political map. Support for free trade and open borders has fractured, and with it support for mainstream politicians. Confidence in the traditional tools for maintaining growth is faltering. Protectionism threatens to hammer trade flows and slow the technology catch-up of developing economies. This year, trade growth will lag the overall expansion of the global economy. Populist leaders pushing inward-looking…

China’s Future Role in the Global Financial System

China Will Keep Opening Up, Promises Mr Renminbi Enodo Special Event Here is a sneak peak of the event. Zhou Xiaochuan, former Governor of the People’s Bank of China, and Mervyn King, former head of the Bank of England, discuss financial liberalisation in China, what’s wrong with the global financial system and the need for global rebalancing. Introduced by Enodo’s Diana Choyleva and moderated by the FT’s Martin Wolf. Crises that shook the world have held back China’s financial liberalisation and exchange-rate reform, but Beijing remains committed to further reform and opening up, says Zhou Xiaochuan, the former governor of the People’s Bank of China. The US-China trade war may hamper progress, since market access to China’s financial sector is a bargaining chip in talks to resolve the dispute, according to Zhou. Yet despite these “negotiation games… I think we have quite good determination to have much braver financial…

The Big Debate: Has Globalization Gone Too Far?

Bloomberg New Economy Forum 2018 Special Event Description Diana Choyleva, chief economist at Enodo Economics, and Stephen King, senior economic advisor at HSBC, debate Parag Khanna, managing partner at FutureMap, and Nandan Nilekani, co-founder and chairman at Infosys Ltd., over the pros and cons of globalization. Bloomberg Economics’ Stephanie Flanders moderates at the Bloomberg New Economy Forum in Singapore on Nov. 6, 2018. Debate You can watch a recording of the debate here. Diana Choyleva’s speech ”For me personally globalization has been a great thing. I was born in Bulgaria while it was still communist. And at school my teachers did their best to teach me not to think. Then the Berlin Wall fell, and my fortunes changed dramatically for the better. I went to the UK to study and work and had the opportunity to learn from some of the best minds in economics. People who most definitely made…

London and the South Regional Winner: Inspiring Leader 2017

Issued by Forward Ladies Women in Business National Awards Award Enodo Economics Chief Economist Diana Choyleva is the winner of Inspiring Leader 2017. The Inspiring Leader award recognises leaders in businesses of any size who have brought out the very best in their team and driven their business forward with exceptional results. They have typically 10 + years of leadership experience and are more than competent managers or business owners – they are women who have inspired other women and men, have an excellent track record of staff engagement and retention and are recognised as leaders within their particular sector. The Forward Ladies’ National Awards are judged by an independent judging panel, comprising professional men and women, successful entrepreneurs and business people.